Where knowledge, intuition and experience mastermind your success.

I am a ReVision and Change Expert providing strategic planning and coaching to individuals facing or choosing change, transition or a Big Leap.

You are full of brilliant and exciting ideas and don’t know what to do with them all.

You also have distractions and obligations competing for your time and energy.

I am an integrator who funnels and fuses your multi-potentialite desires and bring them into manageable, focused concepts.

You overcome overwhelm with action.

Why Kaleidoscope Strategies?

I chose the term “kaleidoscope” because it so elegantly represents the nature of changing circumstances, revised perspectives and the impact of seemingly small events on the bigger picture. It also is, literally, a reflection of noticeable outcomes from very precise, tiny actions.

Are you at a standstill because:

You have an idea, but you can’t quite pull the pieces together in your mind?

You don’t know where to start and trying to picture and organize a long process is overwhelming?

You have the creativity and get stuck in the details, research and implementation?

You had a setback, “lost your spot” and are having trouble getting the momentum back?

Does this sound familiar? Do you feel like time is passing and so are your visions and dreams? I can help.

As a strategist with multi-faceted experiences and an untold range of inquiry, I have the unique ability to work with a wide variety of individuals, projects and circumstances. For examples of what I've done in the past, visit the "Meet Your Strategist" page and check out the "Happy Client Collaborators" page for previous projects and feedback.


Read "Our Collaboration" page to learn more about how we will work together.